New Year, New Mindset

Happy New Year!

I know, it’s the end of January and for so many of us the resolutions (or goals) made at the start of the year are already falling by the wayside. 

Not a problem here, as I myself am just getting started! 

My goal for the year is to discover my SECOND ACT.  Sadly, I set up this space a few years ago as a creative outlet to help me do just that. But, I have yet to move the needle. 

Like so many Mom’s, I put everyone and everything before me.  I forgot to INVEST in myself. 

OK, I have to be honest (mom guilt talking now), I have always invested in my physical fitness. So, I haven’t completely neglected myself. But I’ve decided I’m worth a BIGGER investment.

One thought that keeps going through my head: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”– hello!?!

I realized as I reflected on 2018 that I have put very little effort into figuring out what I want to do for my next career. I’ve talked a big game, but in terms of time and effort invested the score remains ZERO. If I want to figure out my next chapter, I need to START doing things. Talking about a new career does not guarantee change. ACTION is essential. It takes time, effort and determination.

Clearly, I made a shift in my mindset. But now what?

Luckily, I came across an Instagram post for Mel Robbins FREE Mindset Reset Challenge. The challenge includes a free workbook and 35 days of emails with tips, reminders and video links. While the course started on January 1st, Robbins states at the start of each video that you can start whenever you feel ready – the videos will always be available. You can find them on her YouTube Channel.

So far, I’ve liked what she says and how she delivers the information. She uses real life examples, including many of her own stories. Where I’m finding the most value is in her morning routine and specifically with The 5 Second Journal.  

I didn’t buy the journal. In fact, she tells us not to and she provides us with the template. Which makes journaling so much easier. Although, it takes a little longer than 5 seconds (about 15 minutes to write out my daily gratitude and goals) the time invested has already resulted in me being more intentional with time, my goals and what I need to accomplish for the day.

Even though I’m starting a little late, I think 2019 is going to be a very fulfilling year.

What mindset shifts have changed your lives?


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