Do You Set A Formal Dinner Table?

When I came across this beautifully set table in William Sonoma earlier this week I couldn’t help but wonder, does anyone set a formal table anymore?  Or have we as a society lost the art of table setting?

Both my Grandmother and mom set a beautiful formal dinner table for every holiday. My mom will also do it for special dinners and sometimes just because

But overall, I feel most people only bring the ‘good china’ out twice a year.

I think I’m guilty of this as well. Although, I haven’t totally dropped the ball. Our tables are more informal with simple touches – colorful napkins or an eye-catching table center – to ensure the table looks inviting. I’ve always felt with 3 boys, two forks would cause more confusion than it’s worth. Especially as I’m constantly reminding two of them to use just one fork and not their hands!

With the holidays (89 days ’til Christmas) approaching, I’m thinking perhaps I should put in a little more effort and set my table in style. We aren’t expecting any royalty for dinner, so it won’t be as formal as this.  But, I would like to step it up a bit.

We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving, so, I’ve got plenty of time to plan the perfect table for Christmas. 

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it isn’t too formal!

Image: Life + Style ReDesigned

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