Surviving Easter During Isolation

It’s Easter weekend. Yet given the new (albeit temporary) reality we’re facing because of Covid-19, it just doesn’t feel like Easter or the weekend. The quote “What is a weekend?” by Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey has never seemed more appropriate! If your life feels a little like the movie Ground Hog Day, I hope the links below are helpful.

How to create a routine for your stay at home lifestyle.

10 Books worth reading while social distancing.

Eating Healthy

Practice daily GRATITUDE.

8 tips for staying active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Master of Quarantine.

There is no denying life has changed, at least for now. I believe there will be better days ahead but I also realize there will be challenges. I know if we make good use of our time now it will help to make us happier, healthier and more focused, both now and in the future!!

Stay positive, focused and hopeful.

Happy Easter!


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