Outdoor Oasis

I have cabin fever. I mean, who doesn’t these days?

We live in a townhouse apartment complex where the outdoor space is shared with the other residents. Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, this means no one is able to use the common space. Making matters worse, the weather in Southern California has been absolutely gorgeous. I know there is a perception that it’s always sunny and warm here but that isn’t always the case. But so far this spring, we have had nothing but warm days and nights (#torture)

Warm days and nights are best enjoyed outside, which has me thinking a lot more about how much we would like some outdoor space in our future home. We don’t have to have acres of land or an ocean view (although, the latter would be nice) but we would like a small yard or a rooftop deck. Outdoor space has always been on our home buying wish list, but it has now made it into the top five!

Here are some inspiring outdoor spaces that I’m drawing inspiration from and taking notes on:

Image: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Whether its a tiny balcony, a narrow city yard or a spacious garden each one of these outdoor spaces feel like an extension of the home. They are all filled with comfortable furniture, beautiful accents, potted plants and pretty flowers. Of course, there is lot more to these spaces than the accessories.

Much like the interior of the home, these home owners have thought about how they want to use the space (for lounging, dining, or conversation) and have truly made it their own oasis.

Should you be looking to create your own outdoor space, here are few great pieces to help craft your own relaxing retreat.


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