Even though things were different this year amid the corona virus pandemic, Memorial Day, a day to honor those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces, still felt like the unofficial start to summer. There were no parades or BBQs with friends or family for us, but after sheltering in place for the past 12 weeks and with some of the restrictions lifted, we hit the beach – if only for an hour! It felt great to feel the sunshine on our faces and the sand between our toes. We also, for the first time in 12 weeks ordered take-out from a fast-food chain. As I’m sure you can guess, fast-food wouldn’t have been my first choice as we slowly re-entered society, but our middle son is turning 17 this week and his birthday meal request was Chick-fil-A. Our compromise was to allow the boys to have it for lunch, but his birthday dinner was a little more gourmet and included a Profiterole cake which I made by following this recipe. Surprisingly, easy to make and everyone loved them. In fact, our youngest (which isn’t a surprise) has asked me to make them again! All in all, not a bad start to summer. Should you be interested, a few additional pictures from our weekend below as well as some links from around the web.

Ever wonder what’s the best pancake mix?

A run down property becomes a beautiful Swedish farmhouse.

I’m actually digging soft touches of pink in this traditional finca on Ibiza.

I could see the benefit of adding one of these to a backyard.

I made my first purchase since we have been sheltering in place.

Why Joe Rogan’s spotify deal matters.

JK Rowling has a brand new children’s book, which she is publishing in daily installments on her website for free – until July 10th.

Our last Kerrie Hess Art Class – thought I should feature my attempt / Brent drew this picture of Travis Scott as a birthday card for our 17 year old.

I hope your long weekend was a good one!

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