New Normal

Well hello!

I hope this post finds you well. Needless to say, the last few weeks have had an impact on all of us. I, like so many parents, have been forced to manage my child’s schooling. Even with instruction coming from the school district in the form of work packets, zoom calls and online lessons, it is still way more demanding than I could have ever imagined. But seven weeks in I think we’ve finally found some balance.

It was not an easy road to get here. But we stuck with it and I’m thrilled we did.  I’ve found that I really enjoy helping my son learn. I like the ability to monitor his progress and provide him with additional support when needed.

I also like my son’s school. I like the teachers and I really appreciate how quickly they transitioned from the classroom to online learning. So, I’m not going to make any big decisions about his education today, but I will say I’ve discovered a new way of learning and I wouldn’t be opposed to enrolling him in an online school. 

It’s been interesting to see how the coronavirus pandemic has caused swift and dramatic changes to our way of life. Of course, it remains to be seen exactly what changes will stick and what the world will look like post pandemic. What we do know for sure is that disruptions have always been an opportunity for growth and positive change. Below are a few stories on how the pandemic has encouraged people to re-evaluate their lives.

  • This designer has decided that this slower pace of life suits them and this is how she wants to live her life in the future.
  • This Dad has always written letters but the pandemic has given them new meaning.
  • Moving, breaking up, career change or finally starting a passion project as a result of the pandemic.
  • How a blogger is adjusting her content during quarantine.
  • What it’s like to be a nanny during the pandemic.
  • The benefit of everyday being Groundhog Day.
  • What is slow living for?
  • The Corona virus is teaching us about ourselves and our world.
  • All the things that the corona virus could change

What area of your life have you re-evaluated because of the pandemic?

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