Wood Walls Re-Invented

Slatted walls are starting to appear in my Instagram feed. This can only mean one thing…they’re having a moment! It’s not uncommon to use wood in a home as it’s a great material for adding warmth and richness to a space. But fake wood paneling from the 60’s and 70’s was pretty awful. So, the thought of a wood clad wall makes me a little nervous. But the good news, architects and designers are taking a more minimalistic approach with clean lines and the use of light wood, giving the overall look a very zen-like feeling.

Scroll down for some inspiration.

Wooden slats on a ceiling are a stylish solution for hiding pipes, ducts, electrical wiring or other building materials that may be visible – as is the case in the above kitchen.
Timber slats allow light to filter into a cozy kitchen.
Wood slats with geometric color blocks really makes this room pop.
Wood slats are used to help divide this room.
No room is off limits!
The black fireplace and surrounding marble gives the hearth a commanding presence, while the lighter colored wood slats add warmth.
The wood slatted ceiling adds visual interest and dimension to this kitchen.

With some good design, light or dark wood, narrow or wide planks, a wood slatted wall (or ceiling) fits well into any decor style, adding both character and warmth to a space.

Here are a few wood slatted furniture pieces that could bring the look to life in your favorite room without using a wall.

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Trends come and go. So as with any trend, at least from my experience – less is more.

What do you think of wood slats for an accent wall or a piece of furniture?

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