I Can’t Breathe

Image by Fibonacci Blue

This space has always been intended as a creative outlet for myself not a political one. Which means I wasn’t going to say anything about the recent events unfolding in America, but I can’t stop thinking about George Floyd’s chilling words, “I can’t breathe“. Nor the terror Ahmaud Arbery must have felt as he struggled for his life. We watched on TV as the peaceful protests exploded into outrage and featured rioting and looting. It – all of it – has been extremely painful and uncomfortable to watch. The subject matter, RACISM, is both sensitive and messy. So, it should be of no surprise, as a white women, I fear I will say or do the wrong thing. I have no personal experience with it so I know I will never truly understand, let alone have something profound to add to the conversation. What I do know is racism should never be tolerated and staying silent is no longer an option. I am open to learning about racial injustice in America. By learning, I hope I will have something valuable to offer – whether it’s courage, support, or my time. 

Should you be open to learning here are seven resources to get you started: 

Read the essays published on The New York Times 1619 Project.

This short article help brings the situation to light.

14 Inspiring Black Women You Need to Follow on Instagram.

10 books to read about race.

9 things you can do for the George Floyd protesters right now.

Sign this petition.

Jane Fonda recommends this book.

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