Hello, I’m Leanne.

My husband, Brent, and I had a beautiful baby boy seven years ago. Sometime between then and now I slowly (and reluctantly) became a stay at home mom. I say reluctantly as that wasn’t the plan, but it’s how life has worked out.

We have two older boys from Brent’s previous marriage – A, 18 and L, 17, making us a party of five – six if you include our dog Chelsea. With three active boys, life can be a little hectic.

In my former life (before baby boy), I was a successful event planner and had the opportunity to work on some amazing events as well as travel around the world. Over the last few years my passion for planning events has dwindled and my motto “have passport – will travel” only applies to destinations with sun, surf and sand.

But here’s the thing; I would like to return to work. Which means motherhood didn’t kill my ambition. It just changed it.

So, yes, at this late stage (hopefully not too late) I’m making some big changes, including my career. My plan is to document my life + style redesign, as well as inform, inspire, and empower anyone in the midst of a reinvention.

I hope you’ll join me here from time to time as I take this journey.