Beautiful + Functional Townhome

When I came across this elegant townhouse designed by Charmean Neithart it felt very much like a house I could call home. I know, I’ve already declared my design style as modern and this home falls into the transitional category. But more than any particular style, I’m drawn to good design. Spaces that are filled with light and have a natural flow between inside and outside. Spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional. And this home – 1,603 square foot; 2 bedroom, 2½ bathroom – MIDDLE UNIT townhome located in Pasadena, CA does exactly that.

The home was completely remodeled. The renovation took 14 months to complete. The result, a floor plan that allows each room to flow naturally from one to the next as well as showcase all of the homeowners’ art and antique furnishings.

A small but functional pantry and the butcher block table with storage puts all their kitchen supplies within easy reach.

I’m dying over this built-in seating area! It looks like the perfect spot to eat breakfast or lounge with a cup of coffee. The pedestal table and the persimmon-colored cushions tie the space to the living room.

Color through artwork, pattern with the pillow and the rug combined with various neutral colors gives the space a sophisticated look.

The double French doors in the dining/living room allows light to pour in and extends the living space to an outside private landscaped yard that is just as inviting, comfortable and stylish as the interior.

The timeless and transitional style found in this home makes for a warm, welcoming space that feels thoroughly fresh. Moreover, this house is a great example of how the right design ideas can make a relatively smaller home beautiful, functional and spacious.

Can you picture yourself living in this space?

Images by Erika Bierman

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

I’m inspired by clean lines and natural materials so when I stumbled upon this home (here) it was love at first sight. Seriously, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.

Obviously, I had to see more.

A little digging and I was able to learn the home was originally built in 1957 by Seattle–based architect Hawley Adelbert Dudley, as his personal residence.

Mowery Marsh Architects was hired by the current owners to give this old home new life. 

And just look at it…no stone (or maybe in this case, wall) was left unturned. 

The polished concrete, the wood ceiling, the beams, and the white walls, work together to give this home a clean and modern aesthetic. And I love all of the natural light and those black-framed windows. The kitchen – so open and gorgeous – I could easily cook up a meal or two in there. 

Through the use of materials such as wood, leather and fur, Kaylen Flugel Design, created spaces that are warm and inviting.

Could you imagine coming home to this house everyday? I know I could!

If you’re like me and would like to see more pictures of this home, click here or here.

Images: Haris Kenjar for Dwell Magazine

My Obsession

This picture is me in a nutshell. Of course, it’s not me in the photo nor did I take it.

I do, however, spend endless hours on my iPad scrolling through real estate listings. Sadly, this hobby isn’t new to me. Long before the Internet made searching for a property so easy, I would scour the Home section of the local newspaper each Saturday morning.

The GOAL is always the same and it has never been about me finding my dream home. What I’m looking for is that diamond in the rough. You know, the cheapest house in the most expensive neighborhood. The one that has not been updated since the year it was built and with a little sweat equity (taking it back to studs and rebuilding it) we could easily DOUBLE our investment!

It’s pretty funny that I think I could make a profit flipping a house. While I have purchased an 800 sq ft condo in a new building, I have never owned a free-standing home and certainly not one in need of some love. So, ZERO understanding of the cost to remodel a home.

This does not deter me from looking or obsessing.

Earlier this year I was so obsessed with one particular house that I would check the real estate listing daily to be sure it was still available. I even went as far as to create a new floor plan, indicating where walls needed to be taken down and new ones put up.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough funds available to make an all-cash offer on the house (of course it would be an all-cash offer, $200K under list price and close in 10 days…lol) so it has been SOLD! No updates on the renovations or resale price. But, I recently toured a home in the same community with the same floor plan as my obsession that had been updated (although, while it was nice, I had grander plans!) that listed and sold for a little over $2.2M. Which means I was RIGHT! With the right updates the house could have been sold for a profit. Although, perhaps, not double.

Clearly, there is a lot more to real estate as an investment strategy than finding the diamond in the rough but I still believe with the right plan and team in place there is money to be made. Time to find a job to fund my real (estate) passion! 

Image: @prettyonfridays

A Modern Townhouse

I’m a huge fan of townhomes. This one is located in Elwood, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia does not disappoint!

The townhouse is a collaboration between architects Pleysier Perkinsky and InForm Design. The Director of InForm Design, Chris McKimm was originally hired to design and build the homes but he decided to purchase and adapt this one to suit his own family’s needs. Not surprising given the great design.

McKimm and his wife Andrea have some serious taste. The well thought-out open floor plan, with an abundance of natural light and a variety of textures (concrete, oak and marble etc.) makes for modern and inviting space. The materials have been perfectly balanced to create a cohesive look where each room seems like natural extension of the other. No one material or room is overpowering. While each room is strikingly simple with its clean modern aesthetic, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the yoga, studio located above the garage. Pure perfection!

I can honestly say that with only a couple small tweaks (most notably converting the two bedroom to four/five bedroom which, according to McKimm, can easily be done) this townhome would make for a perfect family home for our party of five. Oh, and one other small change – it would need to be relocated in Newport Beach, CA!!

Source: Inform Design | Photography: Derek Swalwell | Styling: Heather Nette King