Happy Hour At Home

My grandparents had a bar located in the basement of their home. I’m not talking about a bar cart nor am I referring to a small wet bar tucked away in the corner of the dining room. This was a fully stocked bar in the family room. There wasn’t a liquor or liqueur they didn’t have. In addition to the alcohol, it had a fridge, a sink, an ice machine and seating for six. Plus, plenty of standing room. I remember it was the gathering place for many pre-holiday drinks. The kids (me, being one of those kids!) enjoyed the bar as much as the adults but not for the beverages – we loved to play games around the bar. So many happy memories associated with the home bar and yet I’ve never thought of incorporating one into our home. Which is surprising because on the one hand, we like to entertain, but on the other hand it isn’t. That’s because unlike previous generations, we aren’t in the habit of mixing a drink at the end of every day. Most nights it’s a glass of wine or two with dinner and that’s it. That being said, the idea of a home bar still holds some allure for me especially after I came across the space.

So many bright and shiny objects mixed with clean, minimalist lines gives this bar glamorous style with a distinctly modern appeal.

No doubt Beth Keim, owner, principle designer of Lucy and Company, had Hollywood Regency in mind when she designed this space.

Hollywood Regency – also known as Hollywood Glam or Regency Moderne – is a design trend based on the opulent glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s classic golden age of film in the 1930s. It is typically characterized by the bold use of color and patterns.

Many of Keim’s choices are a subtle nod to the look, with a modern interpretation.

She used a neutral color scheme but also introduced subtle patterns and textures into this space, making it anything but monochromatic. The wallpaper is a fun update to the palm frond print synonymous with Hollywood Regency thanks to Dororthy Draper, while still inspiring the feeling of luxury, relaxation, and getting away from it all.

Everything about this space, from the light-and-dark color scheme, the patterns, the glass, the chandelier, the metallic accents to the ornate touches, symbolize everything about Hollywood Glam. It’s not hard to imagine this opulent bar as the setting for the happiest hour of the week with friends and family!

So much glamour and tons of inspiration in one spot! Does this inspire you to put a bar in your home?

If so, I’ve rounded up a few bar tools you may need to get you started.

1.Shaker 2. Wine Opener 3. Bar Tool Set 4. Marble Cutting Board 5. Champagne Bucket 6. Zigger + Liquor Pourer 7. Citrus Press 8. Pairing Knife

Images: Photographer, Mekenzie Loli for Lucy and Company

Links From Around The Web

Hello Monday!

What did you get up to this weekend?

We SLEPT in!

Our little human alarm clock didn’t go off at 6:00 am, so we stayed in bed till 7:00 am – not just on Saturday, but Sunday too!

I know, it wasn’t the longest lie in but I honestly can’t remember the last time we slept until 7:00 am. So, it was a real treat for us.

Our kiddo has always been a good sleeper, but waking up at 6 am has been the norm for the past 6 3/4 years. He’s at an age where he can get up on his own, go downstairs to watch cartoons and make his own breakfast – I’m talking a bowl of cereal – but he still chooses to loudly announce to us each morning “I’m ready to wake up!” 

I’m a morning person, so the early mornings don’t bother me. But every now and again it’s nice to sleep in, even if it’s only an extra hour.

Here are a few links from around the web:

  • These look so light and fluffy and ’tis the season for pumpkin everything so, I’m sure I’ll be making them next weekend.
  • Now that the weather has changed ever so slightly, I’ve got my eye on this sweater for daytime and this one would be perfect for date night!
  • Will you be ditching the dye anytime soon? I myself can’t decide but clearly, Jennifer Aniston has made her decision.
  • Time to rethink  Rose All Day ?
  • Check out this California cool home.
  • The secret to properly bake a potato.
  • My husband is going to do this in October and he thinks I should too!?!

It’s time for me to workout. So, let’s do this Monday!

Image: Life + Style ReDesigned

Do You Set A Formal Dinner Table?

When I came across this beautifully set table in William Sonoma earlier this week I couldn’t help but wonder, does anyone set a formal table anymore?  Or have we as a society lost the art of table setting?

Both my Grandmother and mom set a beautiful formal dinner table for every holiday. My mom will also do it for special dinners and sometimes just because

But overall, I feel most people only bring the ‘good china’ out twice a year.

I think I’m guilty of this as well. Although, I haven’t totally dropped the ball. Our tables are more informal with simple touches – colorful napkins or an eye-catching table center – to ensure the table looks inviting. I’ve always felt with 3 boys, two forks would cause more confusion than it’s worth. Especially as I’m constantly reminding two of them to use just one fork and not their hands!

With the holidays (89 days ’til Christmas) approaching, I’m thinking perhaps I should put in a little more effort and set my table in style. We aren’t expecting any royalty for dinner, so it won’t be as formal as this.  But, I would like to step it up a bit.

We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving, so, I’ve got plenty of time to plan the perfect table for Christmas. 

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope it isn’t too formal!

Image: Life + Style ReDesigned

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

I’m inspired by clean lines and natural materials so when I stumbled upon this home (here) it was love at first sight. Seriously, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.

Obviously, I had to see more.

A little digging and I was able to learn the home was originally built in 1957 by Seattle–based architect Hawley Adelbert Dudley, as his personal residence.

Mowery Marsh Architects was hired by the current owners to give this old home new life. 

And just look at it…no stone (or maybe in this case, wall) was left unturned. 

The polished concrete, the wood ceiling, the beams, and the white walls, work together to give this home a clean and modern aesthetic. And I love all of the natural light and those black-framed windows. The kitchen – so open and gorgeous – I could easily cook up a meal or two in there. 

Through the use of materials such as wood, leather and fur, Kaylen Flugel Design, created spaces that are warm and inviting.

Could you imagine coming home to this house everyday? I know I could!

If you’re like me and would like to see more pictures of this home, click here or here.

Images: Haris Kenjar for Dwell Magazine